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Natasha Hodge

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Hi, I’m Natasha, and I love food.

In 2012, I set out to find answers to resolve 40 years of yo-yo dieting and health issues by eating the foods I loved.

The eye-opening (and the reason I’m Wide Eyed) answers led to becoming a qualified nutritionist, prediabetes specialist, and, most recently, a menopause food expert.

I’ve been running Natasha Is Wide Eyed for 10 years, living and coaching on how to eat to achieve the best health, with weight loss as a fantastic side effect.

In 2019, aged 47, I found myself in perimenopause after a routine blood test. Smugly, I felt like I didn’t need to worry about it affecting me because I ate so well. But complacency, taking liberties, and at times ignoring my own food advice gave me episodes of migraine aura, palpitations, anxiety, dry skin, and achy joints.

During each brief but uncomfortable period, I didn’t feel like myself and feared this time I wouldn’t be able to sort it out with food alone.

Luckily, I got myself back on track by returning to eat in the Wide Eyed way, but I still didn’t understand the specific reasons why it worked so well for my menopausal body.

Through extensive research, I found the specifics late in 2023.

Here’s the thing: if we feed our menopausal body with the right foods in the right way, it takes up the hormonal slack that takes us back to our prepuberty hormone settings. How perfect is that?

I resisted specialising in menopause for quite some time, but the Universe had other ideas for me and kept pointing me in that direction.

When the missing piece of the knowledge puzzle fell into place, I knew I had to share it with other women because this natural biological system is completely overlooked.

This is for those who love eating delicious food and don’t ever want to deprive themselves.

It’s also for those who don’t want to take the HRT meds route or have found that HRT hasn’t lived up to expectations.

I am certainly not anti-HRT. Full disclosure: I have the Mirena coil, which means I have a synthetic hormone in my system. However, my symptoms only show up after eating foods that don’t support me.

We’re living through an extraordinary time, where menopause is rightly celebrated, only to be told that meds are the only solution.

The Menopause Rebels 5-day challenge is the first time I get to share the food alternative that puts you in control of your miracle body.

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