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Recipes with the foods you love, using ingredients

that your body and health will love too.


The All New Original Four F Food Plan


All  the plans include all my latest food research in an easy to follow daily recipe plan structured in a way that includes really great tasting food that your body actually needs to optimise energy and repair.

All the plans are centered on eliminating  health depleting ingredients in modern foods and dispelling myths on the structure of our daily eating patterns.

Making the decision to move to a different way of eating is easy, implementing it is a minefield, with a lot of misleading information from the media and governing bodies.


free yourself from dieting

The plans are simple and lay out all the information as to why you should change the way you eat and then gives you recipes for a month to enable you to discover for yourself just how easy it is and how much better you will look and feel because of the changes you’ve made. And the best bit is you get online support to guide you through the 28 days.

The plan is also about more than just getting rid of certain foods, looking to the natural rhythm of the body to aid weight loss and repair, recognising that boosting the immune system is essential.

The Four F Food Plan is a step by step guide to changing the way you eat which leads to long term health benefits.

Tired of trying the latest diet? You learn this plan once, shape it around your lifestyle and never look back!

What to expect from the Four F Food Plan:

-All the information you’ll ever need to eat for life.

-Information on the latest research into the best way to eat for optimum health.

-Daily food plans with easy-to-follow recipe links, even if you’re not the best cook.

-Online support for the 28 days to help you through the transition. You are not on your own.

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Reading a book is fine, but having a mentor at hand gives you the freedom to ask questions so that you can fit the plans around your lifestyle.

Invest in your future health. The All New Original Plan is just £99.99 and includes online mentoring and open communication throughout your new food journey.

Make sure you purchase the right plan for you as no refunds can be issued once the download is sent.

If you eat pretty much anything then The All New Original Plan is for you.

Choose from the following:

The all new original (meat and fish)

The vegetarian

The DF veg (dairy free vegetarian, includes eggs)

The dairy free (meat and fish)



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Here’s what clients have said:

‘Really happy with the results so far and fully plan to keep up the new regime! Weight loss so far is 16lbs. I feel so much  healthier, energetic & lighter!’

‘I’ve been eating more healthily than  I have my whole life. The benefits have been plentiful and I’ve more energy, need less sleep and now know how to feed my body properly. The added bonus is a 21lb weight loss. I’ve a long way to go and I now feel equipped and, more importantly motivated to take the journey. The best thing about the programme is its simplicity. Once you get your head around the dos and do nots’ it’s incredibly easy to live with.’