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What makes the Four F Food Plans different from other popular diet plans?

It’s different to Slimming Clubs

I’ve tried all the slimming clubs out there. And I lost weight successfully following them. But. Big but. I could never stick to them permanently, hence going to more than one. Which most people do. I know people who have attended for years, hit a plateau but just keep going! Why? Because it is familiar and comforting. But if they worked you’d go, lose weight and not need to go back. But because there is always the carrot of people losing loads of weight their continued success is guaranteed. They make the most money from the people who fall off the wagon every week.

So why don’t they work? Because they do not focus on what your body actually needs to maintain a healthy weight. They don’t focus on what the body needs to repair itself for continued future health. They often promote their own snacks, but on closer inspection those very same snacks are laden with chemicals and huge amounts of sugar to compensate for the lack of real food in them. And sustaining a plan that deprives you of the things you like to eat is also doomed to failure, especially if you are not seeing the results.

You will also spend a lot of money joining and membership. On average it is normal for a years membership with associated products etc to exceed £1000 per year.

It’s different to fad diet books

There are thousands of diet plans and books on nutrition out there. But to make a book they need to fill it with info. And ploughing through graphs and the background information can be daunting, confusing and downright boring! Plus then you have to find the recipe, what page number was it? Etc.

Wide Eyed Nutrition have done all the reading and research to find the optimum food plan that your body needs for great health and permanent weight loss. It pools the best, most effective ideas, all in one place.

You do have to do some reading on the plan to give you a heads up on why you need to eliminate sugar and gluten for example. But it gives you them in bullet point form as a guide to follow. The simplicity is in the daily food plans that you can mix and match to suit, building up a repertoire of everyday foods. You just hit a link and the recipe comes up, hey presto.

You get online support included for the 28 days

Who would you ask a question to if you’re following a book?

It has been proven that a month is all it takes to get into a different set of habits, to change permanently. But everyone is different and if there are tweeks that you need to make to achieve success on the Four F Food Plan then help is at hand throughout the transition. Either through email or Facebook you can ask questions and have your query resolved.

The plan ignores the scales

Weighing yourself each week is a sure way to madness. Bodies fluctuate daily. There is nothing more demoralising than ‘being good’ for a week and not having the scales reflect that.

The Four F Food Plan recognises that the ultimate goal is to have a healthy body. If the food is in the right fuel form it will increase your energy levels, regulate cravings and burn fat efficiently. So weight loss then becomes a side effect, not the focus. Throw your scales away! Your loose waistband will tell you all you need to know about your progress. It is truly liberating for many people who visit the scales on a daily basis.

Tasty food

In the past, very few of the recipes I followed in the books and through the slimming clubs tasted really, really good. None of those recipes have made it into my weekly repertoire of family meals. That’s because nearly every single one was low fat. And food without fat is unsatisfying and boring. Why is that? Because our bodies need fat, which is brilliant news. But most plans are still obsessed with calories and low fat foods. Which I have since discovered turn out to be nonsense.

My goal was to never have to eat a meal that I didn’t enjoy, but that would still tick all the nutritional boxes. So all the recipes are full fat, based on popular foods and taste delicious.

You still get to eat sweet foods

The focus is on energy giving glucose that is used efficiently by the body. We lower the fructose element which is converted by the liver into fat, and also leads to cravings that are hard to control and call for willpower.

Nothing is limited, portion wise. Your appetite will become self-regulating due to the change in what you are consuming. Without the fructose and by eating foods that make you feel good, cravings for the wrong types of food disappear. Cravings are the number one reason you stray from an eating plan.

Immune system boosting

Unfortunately in our society, an emphasis on looking good has overtaken the need to be healthy, and to live an illness free life.

Due to the added chemicals, food technologies, over-industrialisation of food production and mixed messages on the right foods to eat, we are now seeing the effects in the rising numbers of heart attacks, cancers, diabetes and strokes.

Our immune systems can only be strengthened by the right foods. Nearly every biological illness comes from consuming the wrong food, so we have the choice to rectify our health problems, and rebuild our bodies in the right way. This is the ultimate focus of the Four F Food Plans.

It actually works

Countless people have achieved amazing results through the Four F Food Plans, with one client losing an incredible 21lbs in the 28 days.

But I see the results on a daily basis through my own health and that of my teenage children.

We all went from being couch potatoes who liked nothing better than ready meals and a huge bag of sweets a night, to having brighter skin with no eczema, no allergies, more energy and stable weights.

Learn it once and forget about dieting ever again

Once you try it and you realise that eating right is easy and makes a lot more sense, that’s it! A life time of being able to make the right choices every time and to not have to worry about your health? Now that’s got to be worth the investment of £99.99 hasn’t it?

If you answer yes to these questions then this plan is for you:

-Have you tried all the diets going and still can’t shift the weight?

-Do you find exercise doesn’t help with weight loss?

-Are you willing to make the effort to make changes for the sake of your own health?

-Are you willing to make time to implement the changes?

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