The food alternative to HRT.

The 3 steps to the course:

1. Follow the how-to eat guides.

2. Kickstart your internal HRT factory.

3. Balance your hormones permanently.

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Is your peri or post menopausal body making life difficult?

- You've probably been told to expect symptoms.

- You're more than likely stuck thinking you'll have to grin and bear it.

- You might believe that weight gain is an inevitable consequence.

I'm very glad to tell you that mother nature is not that cruel.

And, drum roll please...

Your miracle body has it's own hormone replacement back up plan!

And the foods that kickstart the system that generates those replacement hormones runs on the very foods you're told not to eat.

You know, the ones that taste really good?

In fact, the more you eat the way you've been told, the more likely your symptoms will persist.

So here in the Wide Eyed way,

- We don't eat anything low fat.

- We don't portion control, macro measure or calorie count.

And as EVERY body works in response to hormones, we eat the foods that get those hormones to work as they should.

And the result?

- Reduced or eliminated symptoms.

- Balanced weight.

- And a body ready to do all the things you need it to do to live life to the full.

The ONLY way to stick to something is to enjoy it while getting the results you set out to get. That's my mission.

Give in to what you and your body want to eat!

The course includes recipes and how-to videos to help you with the changes it couldn't be easier. And here's the thing, real foods, the ones your menopausal body can use as HRT, are the best tasting.

If you feel good and everything you eat tastes good then you just keep going.

We also use the other hormone balancing tool of fasting. And if this fills you with dread head over to to the

And while you get on with enjoying every mouthful and having more free time, your miracle body get's to work, helping you sail through this phase of your life and long into the future.

The benefits of joining the membership course:

✅ You'll have an accountability partner while making the changes

✅ Learn about your body's natural back up plan.

✅ Get that back up plan working to reduce or eliminate symptoms.

✅ Boost the feel good factor from the inside out.

✅ Freedom to choose what and when you eat.

✅ Spend less time cooking and more time living.

✅ You'll be personally supported every step of the way.

✅ Group meetings so you can share your thoughts with like minded people.

✅ You can join live or watch at a time that suits you.

✅Done-for-you meal plans to guide you from the start.

✅ How-to videos to make it as easy as possible.

✅ Eat without calorie counting, portion control, macro mapping or restrictions.

✅ You'll develop an affinity with what your body is asking for.

☑ This is the way to eat that you and your menopausal body have been waiting for.

Frequently asked questions

How do I access the course?

The course is accessed via this website. Before you complete your purchase, when you pay in full, you will set up a username using your email address and a password. After purchase you will login from the menu bar and proceed to your course. If you have chosen the instalment plan, you complete your purchase first and then you will be emailed a code to set up your username email and password. Note that the email you use will be how you receive all the correspondence to join the weekly meetings and coaching sessions. Any technical queries just email natasha(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

Who is this course for and what does it entail?

The course is for anyone who is struggling with ANY health issues and/or stubborn weight gain. And you work through the videos and PDFs at your own pace. You can participate in the live weekly meetings or watch the recordings. You will have four personal one to one coaching sessions with Natasha and can ask questions anytime via email or WhatsApp.*

* Note that the instalment plan has only two coaching sessions and no WhatsApp access.

What if I can't attend the Zoom meetings?

You can still participate by sending your question in, and then you can watch the recordings at your leisure.

Will I lose weight?

The aim of the course is transition you to a way of eating to balance all your hormones. As weight gain and loss is a hormonal issue, weight loss is an inevitable positive side effect of eating the food your body needs to balance those hormones.

Can I still join if I take HRT/medication?

Yes. Although some medications such as PPI’s e.g.Omeprazole can hinder progress. But you will need to work with your doctor to keep an eye on the strength of your medications. And note that weight loss can be slowed due to some medications.

Is the course suitable for vegans?

Unfortunately the course is NOT suitable for vegans but it IS suitable for vegetarians. 

Can I join if I'm gluten or dairy free?

The course IS suitable for people with dairy and/or gluten allergies.

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