My story from years of frustration with my health

My love of food came from a fear of food as the worlds fussiest child and I put on weight from the age of six. To overcome my fear of being offered foods I did not like, I cooked from an early age and my tastes expanded at 19, when I was desperate to cure the chronic eczema I'd had since birth. The story should have ended there with my discovery that the eczema was directly linked to what I ate. In a parallel universe I went on to study a Nutrition degree and here I am 30 years later.

But in this universe, what happened was that I cured the eczema and had a side effect weight loss of 3 stone, so I thought my work was done and I went back to getting on with life and forgetting what I'd learned. I did a degree in Theatre Design and put back on the 3 stone I'd lost at 19. I went to work for a costume company and lost the 3 stone with a slimming club. Then I had twins and put the 3 stone back on (can you see a pattern here?). I went back to the same slimming club and lost the blooming 3 stone again. That's 9 stone in total! (I know now that I couldn't maintain the weight loss because my default eating habits had not changed.) All the while the eczema was back. Whilst struggling to maintain a stable weight I bought a village shop which included a food business. I created a café, selling lots of cakes and savouries. And yes, of course I ate them!

The lack of work life balance affected my mental and physical health so I sold the shop in 2010. Aged 41 and fed up (excuse the pun) with my chronic eczema and lifetime struggle with weight loss and gain led me on a quest to find a solution to my health problems that didn’t call for the same old restrictive diet advice that I’d always followed in the past and couldn't sustain. I started to suspect that there was a link that had occurred during my lifetime between our eating habits having drastically changed and the explosion of morbid obesity, mental health issues, and chronic illness everywhere.

My son Jake lost 5 stone

One of my proudest achievements was helping my son. The image on the left is Jacob taken in 2017. He was aged 17 and weighing 17 stone, (238lbs). The other images show how he achieved a 70lbs weight loss within a year and has maintained it ever since.

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natasha with a shocked face pointing at 4 overweight picture aged 7 to 28

Why Natasha is Wide Eyed

Once I started to question and find the answers, I was shocked to discover that all the guidelines I had been following, i.e. eating low fat and wholegrain foods, widely accepted as fact, are just plain wrong. My eyes got wider with every shocking revelation I found.

I studied for a formal qualification in nutrition to understand how our bodies work. Through thorough research and study, I had to overwrite conventional dietary guidelines, which turned out to have very shaky science foundations, but are presented to us as fact. I backed up my well researched arguments that challenged the course material and put what I learned to the test on myself. I achieved two diplomas with distinction. And I was able to throw out the weighing scales I had been a slave to all my life. And I waved goodbye to a lifetime of eczema.

The business

To put my diplomas to good use I started to help clients through my businesses, first Wide Eyed Nutrition and now Natasha is Wide Eyed.

You need to know that conventional dietary advice goes against your biology and almost everything that goes wrong with the human body is down to nutrient deficiencies and hormone imbalances that can be resolved with changes to what and when you eat. Understanding how your body works is the key to sustainable implementation.

Are you ready for new tools?

If like me, you are frustrated with conventional advice and you're stuck with a body you feel sure is not as it should be, contact me for an appointment.