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I’m Natasha Hodge – qualified nutritional advisor, enthusiastic cook with a 40 year struggle with weight and health issues.

Over the last decade I have been researching the impact that food has on every health issue. Helping clients with issues from weight gain to painful joints and skin conditions, through to insomnia, menopause, depression and anxiety.

The confusion and dieting hype is making your health issues worse. Often leading to you giving up. I can offer you clarity through coaching food to suit you. Providing the calm focus you need to achieve optimal health and a stable weight.

If you’re suffering, please look around my site. I have been there – and here I share what I have learnt – free information, recipes, techniques and food plans that will help you to feel fabulous!

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Personal food coaching supports your food journey.

I have also developed a sensational low carb food plan with recipes and daily menus to help you make easy changes and get the results you crave.

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Natasha's Four F Plan

All my research and my love of food has gone into making this food plan. Nobody wants to feel deprived of flavour and sustenance.

This plan is all about eating delicious food that will sustain and nourish your body from the inside out. With easy to follow recipes and a touch of intermittent fasting, you will keep your blood sugar even, allowing your body time to repair and rebuild.

Enjoy delicious full fat food that satisfies you, makes you feel great and gives you more energy.

Why Four Fs? It stands for Free From Fake Food – and what’s more, is that it works!

wooden table with fresh figs in a bowl and strewn artfully

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