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I’m Natasha Hodge – qualified nutritional advisor and Type 2 diabetes nutrition specialist with a 40 year history of weight gain and health issues.

Over the last decade I have been acquiring qualifications and researching the impact that food has on your body. Helping myself, my family and clients to solve problems from weight gain, painful joints and skin conditions, through to insomnia, menopause, depression and anxiety.

Please explore the articles, recipes and videos in the resources page to help yourself to useful information on how to make changes to improve your health.

My top tip to finding a helpful recipe that suits your tastes, is to enter your favourite food into the search bar above eg “pizza”

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The confusion of what healthy food is and the dieting hype is making your health issues worse. Often leading you to give up. I know because I have been there and done that. I have spent the best part of a decade doing research, acquiring qualifications, experimenting and implementing the best methods so that you can fast track to the root of the problem and save yourself the endless search for answers. Knowledge is your key to success.

Together, we will get to the heart of what keeps you repeating patterns that might be holding you back from making lasting change. You can train and maintain your eating habits for your best life. Why settle for less?

What to expect

Your initial appointment is a discovery session. We discuss your issues and food history to ascertain possible nutrient deficiencies and find out whether working together would be beneficial.

Based on your personal health journey so far, you will receive a supplement plan and may be offered the opportunity to move onto the personalised food plus knowledge course.

le creuset pan and lid with meatballs, onions, creme fraiche and parsley

Food Advice to suit You

Your life is unique. And so is your relationship with food. One way of eating suits one person and not another. The principles of biology remain the same, but how you put them into practice and maintain them for lasting and effective change is a process. I’ll give you all the tools to find what suits you best.

le creuset pan and lid with meatballs, onions, creme fraiche and parsley

It doesn’t take 21 days to form a new habit.

It takes a trigger, a reason, a plan and effective practice. And you’ll do it through eating delicious food.

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