Let's change what you eat, but also what you think and feel about what you eat. Here is the all-in-one food solution for your health and weight issues.

The problems:

- Your environmental landscape is designed to induce food addiction.

- And it's made worse with emotional and social pressures.

- For years you have been given conflicting 'healthy eating' messages.

- Your body isn't getting what it expects and needs from food.

natasha hodge wide eyed and pointing upwards
natasha hodge wide eyed and pointing upwards

Natasha's Wide Eyed Course gives you:

- A plan & tools to navigate your environment and escape food addiction.

- Coaching support to overcome emotional and social pressures.

- A clear science-based explanation to what 'healthy eating' really is.

- Great tasting nutrient-rich foods your body expects & needs.

natasha hodge arms open smiling

I’m Natasha Hodge. And I love food. Always have, always will. Over 10 years ago I became sick of feeling confused and guilty that I couldn’t stick to ‘healthy eating’ rules or overcome 40 years of health problems. I’d tried diet after diet. I bought every product that promised to make me thin and healthy. Why didn’t they work long term? Why was I such a failure when I tried so hard? Why did I swing between deprivation diets and eating everything in sight? I decided to find out.


I was wide eyed with shock to discover that the confusing healthy eating messages slapped on packaging are making us sick and fat. And that food industry profits rely on our continuing confusion.

I wanted a way to bypass these lies, heal myself and still be able to eat the foods I loved, that still fulfilled my emotional and comfort needs. I was relieved to find that full fat, full taste food is exactly what our bodies need and in the right combination require no willpower, calorie counting or portion control. In 2014 I became a qualified nutrition consultant, created nutrient dense versions of my favourite foods, and turned what helped me, into a course to help you. I’ve gone on to help countless clients to help themselves to better health and to overcome the temptation to slide into old food habits that cause ongoing health and weight issues.

Use what I’ve learned and continue to learn, to start your transformation and treat yourself to a bigger slice of life.

The past 40 years of dietary guidelines, food engineering and labelling have coincided with the biggest rise in obesity, chronic disease and all-cause mortality in human history.

You’re constantly told it’s your fault you don’t achieve your health goals because you’re not following the advice properly. But you are! So why isn’t it working? It is the advice that is failing you. I’m on a mission to change the narrative and reverse chronic disease trends by helping you change the way you eat so that you control your health outcomes.

I believe that food should taste good and also do you good. But you need the facts to make the changes so it finally makes sense.

Your three steps to the Wide Eyed way:

Step one:

Your initial one hour appointment is a discovery session. You'll outline your health journey so far and define your health goals.

grey plate on a white background with 3 lamb samosas, a bowl of mint yoghurt and salad garnish
overhead view of a grey plate with a low carb taco. Topped with cauliflower, avocado cream, sweetcorn and coriander

Step Two:

You will receive targeted supplement advice and a personalised outline of how I will help you achieve your health goals. Then you decide if you want to proceed to step three and start the Wide Eyed Course.

Step Three:

My 10 years of experience is distilled into the Wide Eyed Food Plan and Knowledge Course which delivers:

1. A complete meal plan with timings which works with your body clock.

2. Strategies to overcome food addiction.

3. Coaching and support to navigate the emotional changes. You are not alone.

4. Giving you back full control of your health and weight to get the body you deserve.

celeriac leek and bacon gratin on a grey plate with scattered peas and bacon pieces

Choose your support level:

Meet on Zoom or in person

Bronze support:

4 weeks of coaching and support.

silver medal with wide eyed champion in the middle on a dark grey background

Silver support:

8 weeks of coaching and support.

gold medal with wide eyed champion in the middle on a dark grey background

Gold support:

12 weeks of coaching and support.

le creuset pan and lid with meatballs, onions, creme fraiche and parsley

Customer satisfaction agreement

The Wide Eyed food plan and knowledge course is customised to convert the foods you love into nutrition that your body will use for better health. You’ll fully understand the interactions between your body and food and how to use them to reach your goals.

Try before you buy

The course includes access to over 100 easy to make recipes. Sample them to see just how easy and delicious they are.

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