Personal coaching to support your food journey

Low carb eating is all about the food. Eating in a smaller time-frame to keep your blood sugar even, it creates ketones allowing your body time to repair and rebuild using an alternative fuel. Delicious full fat food keeps you from being hungry all the time and gives you more energy to live life to the full.

Food myths to overcome:

-Eat less, move more

-Eat low fat and avoid saturated fats

-Eat little and often

-Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

-You need carbohydrates for energy

-Red meat is bad for you

How it works

Step One

The plan is optional. You might want coaching with your own way of eating, if so, skip to step two. But if you’re looking for a low carb solution that has been tried and tested, The Four F Plan is for you. The download includes the plan booklet with background information as to why you need to change the way you eat and how the plan works with your body’s natural rhythm. With step-by-step daily food menus and recipe links to taper your sugar consumption.

Step Two

With or without The Plan I am here to help you. Via video or phone call. Hourly sessions at a convenient time for you. Plus you can email or message me between sessions. We will address any issues together. You are not alone.

Step Three

Coaching leads to understanding why you have health and/or weight issues and gives you the foundation to build great health. It will provide a map for your fantastic health journey. The brilliant thing is that you only have to learn the tools once to stay on that path. Unlike a quick fix diet, your lifestyle will change forever. And you’ll have my support for as long as you need it.

Why choose the Four F Plan?

The Plan was years in the making. Formed by my own experiences and working with family, friends and clients. It is a stand alone plan that you can work through with optional email support. But it works even better if you supplement it with weekly coaching, allowing you time to discuss each stage with me as your personal cheerleader. I want you to win the healthy life game.

fasting logo green

The plan includes intermittant fasting

Your body evolved to go long periods without food. The plan incorporates the natural rhythm for the best time to eat and when to use optimal energy as fuel. Making you less hungry and full on life instead.

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The plan includes full fat foods

The low fat nonsense of the past 75 years has contributed to chronic illness and weight gain. Stable natural fats not only fill you up, they nourish and service all your cells. Prepare to unlearn dogma.

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The plan rids you of fake food

Your body is constantly trying to keep you in balance. It requires specific nutrients. By eating man-made chemically altered fake food high in sugar, the balance is upset and leads to poor health.