Hi. My name is Natasha Hodge. This is me over the years:


me with a baked cheesecake

I’ve always loved food. I cooked from an early age and went on to run a food business. I used to own a cafe. Lots of cakes and delicious savouries.

But my yo-yoing weight, chronic eczema and constant struggles with weight loss lead to me discovering a link between good nutrition and health that didn’t call for a flavourless eating regime. I was shocked to find that all the guidelines I had been following, i.e. eating low fat and wholegrain foods, widely accepted as fact, is just plain wrong.

It had all started with my discovery of an amazing natural plant called aloe vera. I started to drink aloe on a daily basis because it cleanses the gut and liver. I felt better, had more energy, I started to lose weight and my skin began to clear. (For more info on aloe and to purchase click here) I wondered what would happen if I changed the way I ate entirely.Aloe Vera Gel-1604x2097-HI

So I decided to find out. I studied nutrition to understand how our bodies work, backing up my arguments and put it to the test on myself. Using my cookery skills accumulated over a life time and from being in business I have changed the way I eat. The result? A new me.

Life is all about enjoying yourself. Food plays a big part in most peoples lives.

But currently we are being bombarded with mis-information on what and how we should eat. It is leading to an epidemic of chronic illness.

My mission is to help as many people as I can understand that good health has nothing to do with denial and everything to do with choice. Out with low fat, and in with full fat, tasty food.

The slogan ‘Treat yourself to a bigger slice of life’ refers to the fact that you should be in control of how long you live for. Treat, as in forget about handing your health to the doctor. And treat as in eat lovely things all the time, food which will promote health without being tasteless and leave you feeling hard done by.

As for living longer, aside from the obvious, ‘But I might be run over by a bus tomorrow’ thoughts running through your head, I’m not talking about unforeseen circumstances that lead to our demise, I’m talking about living a life to it’s full health potential.

We should live to 100 years no problem. What’s more, we shouldn’t be dragging ourselves around on zimmer frames and mobility scooters. Neither should we expect to get Arthritis, heart disease, dementia, stroke and cancer. It seems the norm to expect to hit 50 and be resigned to ‘feeling our age’.

From an early age we are taught to hand over control of our health to the doctor. Pop along to the surgery and they’ll give you a pill.

But wait a minute, what about the root cause of what ails you? Getting to the bottom of the problem is much more important and a little bit of knowledge goes a long way.

The eye opening truth is that what we eat effects all aspects of our health: physically, mentally and emotionally.

And everyone deserves to learn the truth about just how easy it is to change the way you eat, once and for all, easily, quickly and enjoyably.

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