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Have you been feeling completely drained lately?

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Have you been feeling completely drained lately? You’re not alone and its fair to say that a lot of people find themselves exhausted. Not least because of the year we’ve all been through. But there can be various reasons for exhaustion so let’s explore some of the possibilities along with potential solutions. 

Nutrient deficiency

From a nutritional point of view, not having enough of the building blocks that your body requires to provide the fuel for energy should be the first issue to address. Your brain and body will feel sluggish because the body literally demands that it conserve energy if it doesn’t have the correct nutrients on board. Concentrating on removing ultra-processed food, sugar and high starch food will give your body a boost. Add in fasting, and it has time to repair and boost energy further as it goes into fat burning mode. Stick to meat, fish and full fat dairy, served with leafy greens and you will pick yourself up in no time.


Stress should never be underestimated. You may have pressure in your personal or professional life. It could even be someone toxic in your life who is making you feel stressed and putting you under a high level of pressure. If you want to correct this issue, then the best option is always going to be finding your own way to relax. Meditation, positive thinking and certain forms of exercise can help. You could try something like homemade bubble tea. Research shows that products like this can help you body relax. 

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 

CFS is a condition that means you will feel tired throughout the day. The problem with CFS is that there’s no fully recognized cause. As such, it’s a condition that you will typically be diagnosed with after doctors have ruled out other possibilities and potential problems. If you are diagnosed with this condition, then a doctor may recommend medication. However, they will usually start by exploring whether changes to your lifestyle do the trick. Again, food should be your first change. 

Sleep Apnea

Finally, you might be going to bed at the right time each night and you could still be waking up exhausted. If that’s the case, then it’s worth exploring the possibility of sleep apnea. This condition causes you to wake up repeatedly through the night due to your airwaves being blocked. If you are worried about this, then the best option will be to speak with a sleep therapist. The problem with sleep apnea is that it’s impossible to diagnose yourself. Although someone who sleeps next to you might notice you coughing and spluttering in your sleep. If you are diagnosed with the condition a change of diet can definitely help. Being overweight exacerbates the problem and losing weight is beneficial.

At every turn the type of foods you are eating will be impacting your body. Stress is the trickiest to address as stressful situations might be hard to avoid. But just by eating well it may help to be more resilient and for the stress to have less of an impact on your physical and mental health.

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