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Is the UK population malnourished?

Malnourished means wrongly nourished, or not getting the nutrients needed to function properly. And of course, I think the UK population is just that.

In a time where it’s never been needed more, our bodies have to function at their at their optimum and the gut is where it all starts.

To build anything you need the right tools, and real foods are the only tools that build a great body and with it, a fantastic immune system.

You would not trust a mechanic to fix your car with toy replicas of spanners and wrenches, and yet many people trust processed foods, masquerading as real food to build the only machine you’ll ever really need, your body.

Aside from outside dangers, i.e. toxic pollution, car crashes etc the number one cause of illness and death is what we eat and our lifestyle.

There has never been a better time, highlighted by the current climate, to take stock and overhaul how you live with regards to what you eat.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, study after study has shown that vitamin D levels have a significant bearing on the impact and outcome of catching COVID-19.

But many are unaware that to increase your vitamin D levels it is not as simple as taking a supplement or being out in the sun. You also need the right gut environment and vitamins A and K2 to unlock and utilise the Vitamin D. Plus it needs to be D3 not D2 (promoted by the mushroom industry but not as bioavailable to us).

Because it’s January same old advice is rolled out, to deprive yourself of fat and flavour and exercise more. Veganuary is a prime example of smoke and mirrors. Appearing healthy but missing the essential nutrients and fats that can only be found in animal foods. Supplements simply do not cut it compared to real unprocessed food.

The happy reality is that if you concentrate on full fat meat, fish, nuts and dairy, avoiding sugar in all its forms, you will become more active and your body will feel the best it’s felt in years. It will also have an immune system that can take on whatever comes your way.

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