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Low carb, low fat or vegan? The supermarket products that profit industry, and cost you health.

Low carb meals, low fat or vegan, it’s all there. Isn’t it convenient that we can simply move from one diet to another and have our needs taken care of?

There are many arguments over what the perfect human diet is. I’m definitely in the low carb camp to help people who have health issues and weight gain by regulating blood sugar. But it would be remiss of me to not acknowledge that there are success stories when following low fat and vegan diets too.

But for true health it must be reiterated that the human body requires food that was grown in the sun as nature intended. Whether you want to avoid meat or have an abundance of meat, everything you consume should be as natural as possible.

Just because a label says heart healthy doesn’t mean it is. In fact, that it is in a package shows that it will probably be far from heart healthy, often stripped of all it’s heart enhancing properties by machines at every step of the manufacturing process.

How did we get ourselves into this situation?

In the past 50 years we have lost our ability and inclination to cook meals for ourselves. We spend more time watching programmes about cooking than we do using the advice within. We called it progress but it’s the opposite. Of course, we don’t want a return to the 1950’s housewife era, but there has to be a better balance than handing our health to a food industry who only have their profits in mind and will manipulate any kind of health message to sell more of their products.

And let’s not forget that the health message that they peddle isn’t even based on scientific fact. They use the low fat high carb message which came from the “cholesterol causes heart disease hypothesis” that has been disproved but will not die due to the vested interests of Big Food and Big Pharma keeping it alive and fuelling it.

Tell me why the human race would have evolved to have pinned all of its health outcomes on discovering the statin, eat chemicals masquerading as food and a way to take the fat out of milk?

It is utter madness to think that we are cleverer than nature.

We had everything we could need to service our health and then we messed with every part of it to monetise it.

Most drugs are chemical mimics based on an original plant medicine. Food stuffs and chemical ingredients are imitations of what appeared in natural food. Technology looked like the answer, but it made us sick and reliant on conglomerates. Stripping us of the essentials but sold to us as better.

Time to reset. Time to go back to basics. If you want to eat plant based or you want to eat meat based, eat the sun-soaked real McCoy. But definitely not the crisps of the same name!

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