This is the course that is helping peri and post menopausal women alleviate their suffering, lose weight and find themselves again.

Don't waste any more time looking for ways to relieve your symptoms. Get ALL the answers in one go and get on with living your life, your way.

Understanding what's happening inside you before, during and after menopause is critical to understanding YOURSELF before, during and after menopause.

I can't fit all the information you'll need for the best menopause into just 5 days. We haven't had time to dive into the huge subject of fasting or all the many other food approaches and stress management. So, this is how you'll finish what you've started.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

- It feels like your body is letting you down and you don't feel like you.

- There is so much menopause advice, but it's overwhelming and confusing.

- The big HRT promise hasn't lived up to expectations and your hormones are still not behaving.

Here's what I would like to do for you:

- I would like to help you make your own menopause easier by changing the way you eat.

- I want you to understand your miracle body and have the clarity you deserve.

- I want you to balance EVERY hormone and kickstart your own biological HRT system and boost brain health.

How? With the Wide Eyed Through Menopause course

The complete food solution for balanced hormones and a better menopause.

✔️Personal coaching

✔️Done-for-you meal plans


✔️Fasting protocols

✔️Sugar addiction strategies

✔️Weekly meetings

✔️How-to guides

✔️16 week membership

This is not like anything else out there

- This works because what and how you eat are the ONLY things that determine hormone production and long term health.

- This kickstarts YOUR biology.

- This puts YOU in control of hormone creation.

-This helps you master YOUR hormones not just in menopause, but for the rest of your life.

- This gives you the ANSWERS you've been looking for.

Benefits include:

- Freedom from brain fog.

- Improved sleep.

- More energy.

- Relief from achy joints.

- Weight loss.

- Get rid of hot flushes and night sweats.

- Helps digestive issues.

- Better skin, hair and nails.

- Works alongside HRT.

The BIGGEST benefit? You'll feel like YOU again. In fact, you'll be the new and improved version of YOU!

What's your EXCLUSIVE investment?

This is a time sensitive offer. Sign up before 11.59pm Saturday 6th July to get:

✔️An EXCLUSIVE discount of £99 off the pay in full option.

✔️6 personal coaching sessions instead of the current 4.

✔️A personalised supplement report normally £99.

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What do you get?

1. Personal coaching sessions.

One to one coaching to evolve a plan that suits you as an individual.

2. Continuing access to a qualified nutritionist.

Who is totally focussed on your success and who can provide you with real time answers via email or WhatsApp.

3. The Wide Eyed Through Menopause course.

The 16 week online course includes work sheets, video tutorials, meal plans, unique recipes, fasting protocols and the latest nutrition information to help you understand your body at this stage in your life. Everything you need to fully understand how your body works from a food point of view. Work at your own pace.

4. Weekly live Q&A’s and tutorials.

These are like an extra 16 coaching sessions! To keep you constantly learning new things about your body and to help you along your journey to the best body, you will have access to the Zoom live member meetings, Thursdays at 10am. Each week there will be a live Q&A a deep dive into a nutrition topic, keeping you up to date with the latest research. These will all be available to watch as replays so that they fit around your lifestyle.

What about the all important food?

Of course the food is the star attraction because it always tastes good.

There's no way you would be able to sustain changes if you don't enjoy what you eat.

So far, I've designed over 100 recipes that provide the building blocks your body requires to repair, rebuild and balance you.

My aim is that you enjoy every mouthful.

And that every mouthful is serving your menopause hormones.

If it lights up your taste buds because it's full fat and delicious you'll never look back.

✔️And it all comes with the added bonus of weight loss because balanced hormones working as they should, release stored fat.

Don't just take my word for it:

If any of these apply to you it will work:

✔️You like or love food.

✔️You have an open mind and a willingness to learn.

✔️You are a human woman.

If all this did for you was...

✔️Finally help you to understand how your body uses food to determine how your hormones behave.

✔️Gave you an easy way of eating to alleviate your symptoms.

✔️Showed you the food strategies to help you to better health than ever before.

Would it be worth it?

Of course it would!

And this is the program where you are supported by me who has been through it, sustained it easily for over 12 years (5 of those in perimenopause), knows exactly how you feel and has helped 100's of others just like you.

I won't let you fail.

The instalment investment option:

This is a time sensitive offer. Sign up before 11.59pm Saturday 6th July to get:

✔️An EXCLUSIVE discount of £41 off the instalment* option.

✔️4 personal coaching sessions instead of the current 2.

✔️WhatsApp message coaching which normally only comes with pay in full.

* Invoiced for direct payment each month.

The menopause phase can be a lonely experience; I'd love to accompany you while you make the necessary changes.

And finally, ask yourself, what is the cost of NOT investing in your future health?

I get that you might have questions.

If you'd like to talk to me before making a decision, why not arrange a call or send a message?

Let's have a no obligation chat to see if this is right for you.

Because it has to be the right time and I have to be the right fit for you to get you the results you've been searching for.

Click the button to email.

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