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4 Ways to make positive improvements today

You know I’m always talking about taking the very best care of yourself. Obviously, my focus is the very best food but there are other ways that you can enhance your wellbeing besides what you eat.

Here are four practical ways to boost your mental and physical health that will get you on the right track to feeling well and full of natural energy. The combination of having better mental and physical health will bring about rewarding results that you won’t be able to deny or overlook.

1. Eat A Nutritious & Brain-Healthy Diet

Boost your mental and physical health by eating a nutritious and brain-healthy diet of course! There are many foods that will help you achieve this goal. All the things I talk about constantly such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy and vegetables. Make eating healthily convenient by getting fresh seafood online from fishforthought.co.uk that you know will be high-quality and delicious. Some foods can also reduce anxiety, especially those high in B12 and D3. Again meat, eggs, dairy and fish and some veg are your best bets. The very best way to keep your brain in tip-top condition is to avoid anything with added chemicals or foods that have been processed to strip away the nutritious part of it. So that means anything processed!

2. Keep Active

One practical way to boost your mental and physical health is to keep active. And the good news is that if you’re eating nourishing foods your energy will increase and you’ll enjoy exercise even more. Commit to working out regularly and finding activities you enjoy that increase your heart rate. The more active you are, the less you’ll be sitting around, and the more quickly you’ll improve your health. Some benefits you’ll gain are that you can maintain a healthy weight, your clothes will fit better, and you’ll be able to reduce your stress and anxiety. Having an exercise routine is a great way to get and stay fit and will release all the happy chemicals in your brain so you feel wonderful after your workout.

3. Focus on Getting Quality Sleep

Another practical way to boost your mental and physical health is to focus on getting quality sleep. Not enough sleep can cause you to feel moody and sluggish and you may not be motivated to exercise or eat healthily. Set up your bedroom for optimal rest and find a relaxing bedtime routine that allows you to fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer. Avoid staying up late watching TV or playing on your electronics and instead read a book or take a warm bath. Make sure you get enough movement during the day, so you feel tired when bedtime rolls around.

4. Maintain Social Connections

All work and no fun can also harm your health and wellbeing. Instead, make leisure and keeping social connections a priority to achieve a more balanced life. Boost your mental and physical health by having a social calendar and things to do that are enjoyable and put a smile on your face. It’s not only beneficial to have people in your life who you can have fun with but who you can also trust and lean on when you need someone to talk to about your problems. And if you actively seek out opportunities to be kind to others you will improve your health even further. 

Life is good, despite what the news says at the moment. But life is even better when you aim to give the best to your body.

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