I’m having an affair with a Kiwi!

He’s brown all over and stubbly, just as I like him. Firm and delicious.

You thought what?! No! I’m happily married thank you!

Yes the kiwi fruit. The reason I’m in love with them is┬áthat I’ve only just been able to eat one since they were introduced to this country in the 80’s! That’s a long time ago.

My mum, quick to catch on to these beauties, has been a fan ever since. But I turned out to have a serious allergic reaction to them.

The allergy came in the form of itching and swelling lips, swollen tongue and closing of the throat. Needless to say I didn’t touch one after that.

Kiwi’s weren’t the only food I had an intolerance to. Some apples, cherries and kent cobnuts (I seriously thought I wasn’t going to make it after eating just one at a market).

Anyway the apples and cherries gave me mild gip over the years but not as severe as the kiwi. So I ate them sparingly. Every now and then I’d venture a small taste of a kiwi, but the allergy was still there.

Until last week. As you know (or will if you follow the blog), I have been drinking aloe vera for 3 years and went fructose and then gluten free 18 months ago. My hayfever disappeared, as did my eczema and it suddenly occurred to me that perhaps the kiwi allergy had cleared off too.

So off I went to Marks and Spencers, well you have to buy good ones if you haven’t eaten one for 30 years don’t you? And bought a pack of 4. Peeled it very carefully and arranged it beautifully on the plate. I was so sure about the state of my health these days that I ate it all in one go. Then worried for a bit. Then…….

Yippee! Kiwi’s for me! No reaction whatsoever. How fantastic is that? The changes I had made to the way I eat have left me allergy free.

So many people resign themselves over time to whatever their health makes them put up with. They adapt, thinking that that is just how its going to be. Many becoming more and more allergic over time to more and more. And it doesn’t have to be that way.

The body is regenerating all the time, so help it. Put all the good things in and you can hit the reset button and start a love affair with life.

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