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Why do humans think we’re superior to nature?

Before 2012 I never questioned where my food came from. I went to the shops to buy the weekly groceries and filled my trolley to the brim to feed my family.

It was all so convenient, I moved from aisle to aisle, picking up bargains. What would make my son and daughter happy, I pondered. I’ll pop those treats in for after school snacks and treat us all to a posh complete meal and dessert from the ready meal section.

What a marvel all the technology that makes these foods is. Or is it?

These days I can’t believe how stupid I was. Stupid may seem a strong word, but actually that’s how I feel about the human race right now. How have we got to be this stupid? And which came first the bad food that made us stupid or was it the stupidity that we thought we could get away with bad food?

The more I look into optimum human nutrition the simpler it becomes. If you want a body that functions as it should naturally, then you have to eat completely natural food.

Nature provides it all for us. Every vitamin and mineral that triggers every chemical chain reaction that we all take for granted, are found in foods grown in the sun. The energy from the sun is converted into energy that we eat and it allows us to live.

So, what do we as humans do instead because we think we are superior to nature? We intensively grow things under artificial conditions with no sunlight. We fly foods all around the world so that we can eat things out of season. We flood all the factory made foods with sugars that wouldn’t normally be found in nature. We refine seeds by bleaching, adding chemicals and deodorising them into DNA altering oils and put them into everything.

Worst of all to my mind is making pretend meat products out of inedible cheap ingredients and then pronouncing them healthier than the complete nutrition dense real meat they are trying to imitate. It is a world gone mad!

And the most ridiculous part is that when the chemically altered, DNA damaging foods make us sick we spend billions and billions on trying to find answers anywhere but in the food. We invent drugs that mask the symptoms and ignore the fact that we’re not eating what our cells expect and need. And then we scratch our heads in confusion. In fact, perhaps that’s why we’re confused because our brains aren’t working due to the nutrient devoid food we are eating whilst working on the problems.

Can you tell I’m exasperated by it?

Call me cynical, but I cannot see a future where this will change while we have so many making so much money out of the business of illness and providing fake food and making matters worse by putting a health spin on it. They do not want you to know that cooking for yourself and eating food that your body recognises is the only advice you’ll ever need. That’s worthless to them.

But it’s priceless to you.

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