pouring oil into a car engine

Why do you service your car but not your health?

Do you have maintenance plans of any kind? You more than likely get many things serviced to keep them in good condition. Car, boiler, home appliances etc. And the reason you have them is to keep them running smoothly because the inconvenience of them going wrong would impact daily life.

But the most valuable maintenance plan would only cost you the price of good food each time you eat. Eating well is the ultimate in prevention and life protection but it’s pretty low on most people’s priorities. Ironically the inconvenience of being really ill eclipses all other crises.

What generally happens is that your health only comes into sharp focus when something goes wrong. Your body is fantastic at firefighting all the crap you consume. Until it all gets too much, and you encounter a problem.

It might be something small, like a bit of dry skin, or it might be huge, like dropping dead of a heart attack. But they will have both come from the same root cause; namely the food you ate has not maintained and serviced your health.

Your body wants one thing. To keep you healthy. And it spends every moment trying to achieve the perfect environment to perform its trillions of tasks. The impact of you not fulfilling the criteria for what it needs to function correctly in the form of good nutrition means inevitably you will suffer in one form or another.

If you have the opportunity to prevent a catastrophic event occurring inside you, shouldn’t you take it? That opportunity is simply to choose foods that do you no harm. Food that has nothing added or taken away from how it grew, and nature intended. Minimally processed single ingredients that you can put together in endless combinations that taste delicious and leave you feeling as good as you should, full of health and vitality.

Ensure you get enough vitamin C daily by eating a dark green leafy vegetable with every meal. Practice intermittent fasting so that your body has time to repair and create growth hormones. Eat plenty of natural fats and avoid seed oils, sugar, starches and chemicals.

Your body is complicated but what you should eat is simple.

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