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Big food is making a fool of you but you love it

No. Surely not. Not you. You’re vigilant and always watchful for someone taking the Michael. And if something slips by your guard you easily nip it in the bud. Don’t you?

Big Food is making a fool of you with every product you buy and you 100% believe they are doing it to make you healthier, save you time and/or add joy with all the ‘treats’ to make your day a little brighter.

21st Century life is so convenient, isn’t it? No drudgery of meal preparation for you. Look how far we’ve come since the 1950’s. With so much choice, you can take a world food tour every day of the week. Takeaways and ready meals leave so much time for other enjoyable past times too.

Except, the reality is that ultimately you are not saving time, because in the long run you will be shaving off time at the end of your life. And your final years, on average 20 years of them, will be time spent on ill health, taking trips to the doctor and pharmacies and hospitals and hospices.

Human hair extract with your pizza anyone?

The food industry produces products at the expense of your health. And they package everything with lies. They disguise ingredients. They load them with cheap seed oils. They bulk them out with sugar but throw you off with 262 different names for it. They put human hair extract in food to make it more elastic. They plasticise toppings so that they stay ‘fresh’ looking. They tell you it’s heart healthy when all the nutrients have been stripped getting a homogenised picture-perfect chemical masquerade. And because it tastes nice you believe them. You want to believe them, so that you don’t have to cook and besides, you love the taste!

Pharmaceutical drugs are the #3 leading cause of death

Disney plus are currently showing a brilliant programme called Dopesick. It highlights the corruption of Big Pharma making mind boggling profits at the expense of their drug causing addiction, overdoses and death in huge parts of the US. It’s just one company and one drug, but let’s not forget that properly prescribed and taken drugs are the number 3 leading cause of death in this country. Drugs merely cover the symptoms from the knock-on effect of not eating the right food.


I can’t help thinking that there should be a similar programme showing the devastation that Big Food causes. I’d call it Foodsick. But it would be hard to pinpoint a particular company as all of the food giants are so interwoven with health policies (to hide the harm that their products cause) government and research funding to keep you buying and improving their bottomline.

Accidents notwithstanding, processed food is totally responsible for our overstretched NHS because of how our bodies respond to their sad excuse for nutrition.

But you can’t be bothered to do anything about it

And its the food itself that does this. It is addictive. It chemically alters how your brain views food. It keeps you hooked and their lies and marketing justify it so well you just keep on eating it.

Your health is a commodity

In one way or another you are just a customer. You consume processed food and make profit for Big Food and when it makes you sick you consume pharmaceuticals and make profit for Big Pharma. It’s a brilliant business model.

Buck the trend

It doesn’t have to be this way. Retraining yourself to cook and enjoy real food isn’t that hard. Sure it takes effort to begin with, but with every mouthful you move away from becoming a Big Pharma slave and you will feel better day by day until you’ll never look back.

And Big Food can shove it where the sun don’t shine.

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