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Aaarrgghhh! Stop boring me with healthy eating!

I know we have to eat. It’s something we all have in common. But oh my goodness isn’t it boring to hear different takes on the latest food trends day in and day out?


My job is all about food, and I am overwhelmed by the conflicting messages surrounding what constitutes healthy eating.

In just one month we had headlines such as:

“Coconut oil is poison!”

“Low carb diets will kill you!”

“Tom Watson loses 7 stone on Pioppi diet!”

In fact those three headlines combined contradict themselves. Tom Watson actually followed a way of eating that included coconut oil and reduced his carbohydrate intake drastically.

So how did he lose 7 stone and reverse his type 2 diabetes if coconut oil is poison and low carb foods should have killed him? How can this be?????

See? Cue boredom thanks to confusion. Cue giving up in frustration and continuing to eat foods which you feel comfortable with.

The right advice is out there. It does exist. I have definitely found it, but it’s hidden behind government and NHS guidelines and shouty headlines touted as fact. What you really have to do to re-engage and actually get interested in how to eat healthily is to look at all the studies that have reexamined the flawed original studies to find your answers. Luckily that’s where I come in and you don’t have to do it.

But most people will never have encountered a nutritional advisor and have only their doctor to give them advice. Doctors who have had next to no nutrition advice during their training. How has the advice dished (every pun intended) out by the NHS and the government worked out for the nations health? An increase in every type of chronic disease and an ever-increasing national waistline.

Perhaps it is time for a change of tack?

Tom Watson has called for guidelines to be revised. Lets hope that this time they listen. But how does an organisation of the magnitude of the NHS do a U-turn? Pretty tricky and maybe even litigious if it’s found to be the cause of decades of misery for many many people.

So how do you cut through the layers and layers of hearsay and rumour that ‘healthy’ eating has become?

Every time a headline hits I look at the arguments on both sides. Invariably the ‘evidence’ behind a lot of these claims are from regurgitated messages that have become ingrained without foundation. The low fat, whole grain, cholesterol  is evil, eat less-move more, and so on and so forth, arguments have been used so much in the past 50 years that most people see them as absolute fact. This is the bit that I find boring.

If these statements were true we would not have seen the rise in chronic illness in numbers which are terrifying. Our National (ill) Health Service is broken due to the sheer volume of health crises.

There is talk of prevention to save money. But if prevention includes trotting out the same advice that has not worked thus far how will it work now?

Banging your head against a brick wall springs to mind.

Therefore, my mission is now to show evidence that contradicts the guidelines and dogmatic advice in the form of real results in real people.

So watch this space for exciting project news.

You can save yourself from chronic ill health and take charge of your own body. Listen to the alternative arguments and concentrate on changing your way of life to eating real, good quality, unprocessed food and vitality will be anything but boring.

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