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This virus has shown us what we’re made of

We’ve got to look on the bright side of the pandemic, haven’t we? If we succumb to the doom and gloom presented by media we’ll be in real trouble.

The world has been forever changed as all that we had taken for granted was turned upside down.

The wonderful human interest stories that have surfaced have been a ray of light in dark times.

But my headline ‘This virus has shown us what we’re made of’ refers to the actual physical attributes of the human body and how we can arm ourselves against it and anything else that crops up in the future.

The virus has well and truly shone a light on our health weak points. Although many believe that the severity of COVID-19 depends on whether a person has ‘underlying health issues’ it is to much consternation and hand-wringing that we hear of many anecdotes whereby someone has died with no such underlying health issues. We’re hearing they were young, they weren’t obese, they didn’t have any known illnesses, they were fit and healthy, or so it seemed.

I am constantly updating my knowledge, reading new articles or books to do with nutrition and the human body. The book I recommend everyone read is ‘Why We Get Sick’ by Benjamin Bikman PHD.

What has reading this book got to do with COVID-19 and the anomaly of someone dying ‘with no underlying health conditions’? Insulin resistance is what. The whole book is about the fact that insulin resistance, when your cells no longer have the ability to deal with the glucose in your blood, is the root cause to pretty much all chronic illness and disease. My question is why would this be any different?

But surely they would know if someone was insulin resistant? The kicker is that there is no simple test for insulin resistance. You can have a normal blood glucose test result and still be insulin resistant. Unfortunately it does not automatically follow that insulin resistance is followed by type 2 diabetes either. And unless each death in the seemingly healthy from this strain of coronavirus is followed by a post mortem looking for insulin resistance (I have no idea if that’s happening but I highly doubt it) it will look entirely like it was totally random, adding to the global fear. ‘It’s not our fault, anyone can get this thing and die from it.’

I’m not taking any chances. My whole reason for being a nutritional advisor comes down to helping people avoid or reverse insulin resistance by only eating foods that the body recognises and can utilise to repair and protect. Why would you take your chances by still reaching for factory made fake food?

You are what you eat and if you eat rubbish that is what you’re made of.

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