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TV dumbs down health

I’m the first to put the series link on and devour the info that’s spewed forth by good looking presenters masquerading as experts in health knowledge.

But since immersing myself in the world of health and nutrition, and reading everything I can get my hands on, these programs become more and more like salacious sound bites rather than actually giving out sound advice for people to follow.

Mind you, even reading books you can come away more confused than where you started as conflicting ideas are the order of the day!

But whilst watching Horizon, Curing Alzheimers’s (watch here until 5th June) I found myself getting more and more frustrated. The focus was again on curing this awful condition with a pill. A small amount of time was spent on biased info on what to eat.

There was no mention of the fact that it is now widely recognised that dementia and Alzheimers is classed by many as type 3 diabetes. Meaning that the same lack of basic nutrition that leads to type 2 diabetes is followed up by the next stage; dementia. If you have type 2 diabetes you are twice as likely to end up with a form of dementia. Scary stuff when you think of the grip diabetic cases have on the NHS right now.

In the program we saw a man who had been diagnosed with dementia the year before and the specialist was trying to devise and implement ways of him cooking a meal and not forgetting that he’d done so and subsequently burning it. We saw him timing his meals. Any focus on what he was eating? No, no mention of the fact that every time you saw him he was cooking a processed-to-the-hilt frozen pizza. Absolutely no mention of what he’d eaten over a lifetime which would have given the viewer much more of a wake up call. I would have put money on it that this unfortunate man was also diabetic, but again none of his background information was given to us.

Instead, and I suppose, to be fair, it is a science based program, the emphasis was very much on finding a drug that would a) slow or maybe control the symptoms and b) make a pharmaceutical company very very rich indeed.

Spreading the word that treating ourselves with good food would prevent the situation and the need for these drugs is surely the message we should all be hearing 24/7. But unfortunately it probably wouldn’t make for ‘interesting’ enough viewing to warrant a film crew. But I’d watch it!




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