black and white photo of mother and baby

What your mother should have taught you.

What your mother would have taught you, if only she’d known herself!

Skills are passed down through the generations. My kids will pass all manner of social media skills onto their offspring, like how to text whilst walking (how?!)

Mmmm, cookies!
Mmmm, cookies!

But food? What we eat? Fundamental to all things health. And the art of being able to knock a quick snack up out of a few of the right ingredients seems to have disappeared. Replaced by the convenient pre-packaged well advertised cardboard rubbish we find on the shelves. Along with the oh so convenient messages that big food (industry) wants us to believe is doing us good. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but somewhere along the line healthy eating got mixed up with hearsay and myths until we all believed it.

But when you start to dig into the mountain of information regarding what our bodies need for them to function as they should, leading to an abundance of energy and longevity, you realise that for years we have been lead down the wrong path that is literally killing us. Would your mother have taught you that if she’d known?

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