a woman exercising under duress

Get a move on!

There’s so much talk about exercise being essential to losing weight or staying healthy. The common theme being that you cannot put more energy (calories) in than you are expending and expect to see weight loss or to stay at the same weight.

True, to a certain extent. But for a start they need to be the right calories (see all my other posts!).

But do we need to be down the gym 7 days a week? Do we need to be booked into an exercise class every chance we have? I would say no. Unless that’s what floats your boat. But for most people it seems like a chore more than a pleasure. Feeling guilty when that monthly direct debit goes out but you don’t, recognise that feeling?

What if you could do something much more constructive and have something to show at the end of it?

Well good news. Recent studies have shown just moving around at all is good for you. So spending time actually preparing a nice meal, taking time to do it all yourself, is not only getting you to move about, it is mentally stimulating and rewarding. And it’s not only meal preparation. What about the dreaded cleaning? Its free, unlike a gym membership and you’re reaping the benefits! This applies to you men too.

Studies have also shown that many gym members actually reward themselves with an unhealthy snack after working out because they believe they have ‘earned’ it. And what good is a grueling exercise regime if you then plonk yourself down in front of the TV with a processed ready meal because you’ve run out of steam, time or both?

Well you will definitely earn your tasty meal after you have prepared it from scratch. And you’ll be storing up a lifetime of future health if you are preparing the right foods.

Its not about being a domestic God or Goddess, its about moving your body and being rewarded in some way.


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