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Sunny disposition?

Yet more bad news on the exposure to sunlight front. It has been found that sun damage continues even after you go inside.

But this message, which we have been reminded of over and over for decades now, is leading to yet more worrying consequences.

We’ve been told so many times that we should slap on  the factor 50 if we want to venture outside, that now we are going the other way and causing ourselves harm because we are getting too little sun. The sun gives us Vitamin D and it is vital for maintaining calcium levels, keeping your bones and teeth healthy. You wouldn’t be much good without a healthy skeleton would you?!

Click here for a fantastic YouTube clip on why we need vitamin D in our lives.

Our skin is a vitamin D factory. It makes it and the body stores it. Depending on the type of skin we have the body adapts how much it can store and for how long.

What we really have to be worried about is keeping our immune systems topped up. If the immune system is in good working order then any type of cancer cells (including skin cancer) are kept in check and as they feed off sugar changing the diet to eliminate fructose, and refined carbohydrates goes a long way to helping.

If you need help and advice on finding out whether you might be vitamin D deficient just get in touch.

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