Have you got the time?

Have you got the time?

Natasha Hodge- Wide Eyed Nutrition (Published in mailchimp 13th march 2015)

Rush! Everyone seems to be rushing. So busy all the time. Getting everything done seems an impossibility. I bet you’re speed reading this right now! Scanning to get to the point.

We also have the instant hit culture which fuels the need for urgency on all levels. Want to purchase something, buy online, want to know something, Google it.

Want to eat something, grab a snack. What will it be? A Mars or a sausage roll?

Buying online and Googling something saves time. But grabbing a processed snack will be the ultimate time snatcher. Why? Because it will be shortening your life. Accumulating daily, those little treats here and there are speeding up the aging process in your body.

My goodness Natasha, talk about gloom and doom. I hear you. And, well, yes I am. Because there are million different snacks that don’t have to be bland or boring or hard work to come by. I’m not suggesting you replace your juicy sausage roll for a cottage cheese salad. What I suggesting is investing a little time and effort in learning how to change the habits of a lifetime which might mean your lifetime is one filled with doctors appointments and chronic illness.

It’s taken time to create your personality, your life experiences have made you the person you are today. And the food choices, many of which have misled you by the way, have made your body what it is today.

So buy yourself a lot more time and make the changes to have the time to shop at Amazon and Google all you want and take a look at how making a few simple changes to the way you eat will mean turning you into a centenarian silver surfer.

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