Time on my hands

I’ve only gone and got myself an allotment!

I’d envisaged this:

a picture of a nice looking allotment

And got this!


Well to be precise I got it a month ago, and have been hard at it, clearing the mess before I can get down to the real work of growing things to eat.


It seemed like a natural step to take as I extol the virtues of clean eating. The ultimate in knowing where your food comes from and how it is grown is surely to grow it yourself.

Unfortunately I am not the green fingered type. Ask anyone who has ever given me a plant, I tend to kill them. But I am the determined type and I am open to learning new things, and wow is there a lot to learn.

And apparently you go on learning for as long as you have an allotment, hopefully for many years to come.


My plot is about 300 square metres, but apparently I’m not a real allotmenteer as I used the ‘Merry Tiller’ rotavator. But please note that I had already dug half of it by hand (well fork) and pulled out untold massive roots like the one above. And dug out the worst roots on the side I rotavated, so I don’t feel that I’ve let myself down too badly!

Anyway the string shows the area where the fruits (or vegetables) of my labours are going to grow. Well, lets hope something comes up other than weeds!

String to mark out my growing areas in the earth

I have things sprouting in the greenhouse already.

plastic greenhouse next to my green shed

Watch this space, just give me time……

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