Turn back the clock


A New Year. A clean slate. Lets look forward to a lifetime of good health.

My goal for this year is to turn back the clock. Not just for myself and those I love, but for anyone who wants to understand how easy it is to get on with life knowing that the health part is taken care of.

What do I mean by turning back the clock? Firstly, by unlearning what we think we know about healthy eating our bodies can actually rebuild themselves into a better version of what we have already. Literally starting over. Bodies that combat illness as they should and making us look younger at the same time!

But secondly, the biggest battle, will be helping everyone to overcome the ingrained dogma which has infiltrated the universal consciousness, the low-fat myth.

I’d like to go back to 14th January 1977.  That was the day that Senator George McGovern introduced a government document advising the people of America to eat a low fat diet to improve their health. All well and good you might think, if it had been backed with scientific proof. But it wasn’t. Don’t you find that mad? That every country in the world followed the same advice even though countless studies and millions spent had not shown this to be true.

And it’s legacy has led to a disease epidemic of the like the world has never seen before.

I was 11 when in 1983 the UK government advised us to follow suit. They are still doing so today. And until I was 42 that’s all I ever knew. All the diets I followed (I followed them all!) were restrictive and low fat. I lost weight and then piled it back on. Up and down I went. And all because it was advice that didn’t understand how our bodies work.

We’re built with fat. We’re built with protein. We get carbohydrates from vegetables and that’s all we need to know.

The last 2 years have been my best, because I did turn back the clock and started my health over again. And the rest is history.

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