loads of padlocks on a wire fence with the centre one engraved with the word lifetime

You own a high security health system

Would you leave your property unlocked while you weren’t there? Well, perhaps you would, but would the insurance pay out if you were burgled?

What’s the most precious item you own? Do you protect it with insurance and security?

Is your health not the most precious thing? What do you have without it?

Your  immune system is like a very sophisticated alarm system. When in good working order it can be compared to Fort Knox for high security. Defending your body from the worst of what it is bombarded with on a daily basis.

Cancer cells are produced all the time and kept in check by our immune systems. So it would follow that if the immune system is compromised then the cancer cells can start to multiply. Cancer of course, is not the only thing we have to worry about on the chronic illness front is it?

What makes Fort Knox so secure? It must be it’s physical attributes, the procedures and well thought out system in place, the people who designed it and those who work there.

Our bodies are working all the time. We are beautifully designed to utilise the vitamins, minerals and macro nutrients found in foods.

But put in the wrong elements (in my opinion gluten and sugar or the fructose element to be more precise, are among the worst), and the defense system is weakened and eventually breaks down.

Take a look at Dr Michael Farleys take on sugar among other things in this YouTube clip

Your immune system is the most important thing to look after, its the best defense system in the world, worth a lot more than any amount of gold bullion in Fort Knox, so don’t take it for granted.

Put some serious thought into eating foods that strengthen your immune system.




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