Easy Omelette

Easy Omelette The quickest meal ever. Plus you can use left over ingredients in the fridge. 3 eggs (or more if you're hungry!)1 tsp olive oil10 g butterhandful cooked bacon,…

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Low carb pastry

Low carb pastry

Note I am an Amazon affiliate and I earn commission on any links used. Low carb pastry I didn't think it was possible to get a crisp finish without flour,…

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Frequently Asked Questions

I've done the research so you don't have to. And I'm here to tell you that you can literally treat yourself when it comes to your health. Treat in all…

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Low carb ‘pasta’

Low carb 'pasta' This so versatile. And unlike regular flour made pasta it won't bloat you. Although it will definitely fill you up with all that protein! 200 g cream…

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Best meatballs ever

There is so much flavour in these meatballs. The sauce is gorgeous mopped up with a low carb roll. Forget pasta you don't miss it with a side of green beans and topped with Parmesan cheese.

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No Pasta Lasagne

As I advise to move away from pasta which sends blood sugar sky high, the alternative has always been to use vegetables as a swap. But this cheat, again adapted from the Diet Doctor website ticks all the taste and texture boxes whilst keeping you low carb. A revelation.

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Happy pancakes

These are 'happy' because they keep the body and brain on an even keel without a huge rush of insulin needed to deal with the high starch ingredients of regular pancakes.

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Pizza rolls

Pizza rolls

Melted and golden Buffalo mozzarella, basil and tomato is as traditional as you can get. But without the bread that causes blood sugar spikes that can lead to long term illness.

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Stop Brain Drain

Not the kind of brain drain where the brightest sparks clear off to other countries and contribute to other economies. The kind where your own thoughts clear off to some…

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TV dumbs down health

    I'm the first to put the series link on and devour the info that's spewed forth by good looking presenters masquerading as experts in health knowledge. But since…

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Low carb or what?

            All these food rules. I've heard of people making themselves really ill by literally just eating protein and very little else. Carbs or carbohydrate…

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Turn back the clock

A New Year. A clean slate. Lets look forward to a lifetime of good health. My goal for this year is to turn back the clock. Not just for myself and…

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Have you got the time?

Have you got the time? Natasha Hodge- Wide Eyed Nutrition (Published in mailchimp 13th march 2015) Rush! Everyone seems to be rushing. So busy all the time. Getting everything done…

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Basic salad dressing

Basic salad dressing You can add to this what you like. Experiment with herbs or garlic. Replace the vinegar with lemon juice. Add lemon zest. But as it is it…

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Eat the rainbow

Variety is the spice of life. My advice is always that what you eat is fundamental to your long term physical and emotional health. So to keep your immune system at…

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